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3 Health Useful Hacks From Your Bathroom

 Most people say they work out to look good, feel well, or perform at a high level; something along those lines.  These are just the outer layer of a much simpler answer: Your  working out will always come back to this answer, no matter how many complex layers cover it. And that’s a good thing, because there are only so many things in life that we can actually control. For the most part, our quality of life is one of them. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. If a workout lasts about 60 minutes for the average fitness fanatic that barely takes up 4 percent of our day. The workout is definitely important, but it’s how you utilize the other 96 percent of the day that actually makes life changes. There are three changes you can make today to improve the quality of your life without lifting a single weight, prepping a single meal, or taking any supplements. They all take place in a location that you visit every single day, multiple times a day. Not the gym, the kitchen, the office, or the bedroom; these are three ways to optimize your health from the comfort of your own bathroom.

Poop Like Your Ancestors

Cuing someone out of bad habits on the deadlift is pretty easy. Cuing someone out of bad habits on the toilet, on the other hand, is not quite as simple. There’s never really an appropriate or comfortable time to have a discussion about poop, but this is a game changer, so it has to be said. Do you sit down on the toilet to go number 2? If yes, you are moving your bowels in a less than optimal manner. In other words: You are pooping wrong. Squatting, not sitting, is the only natural defecation posture. Sitting on the porcelain throne may be standard practice in today’s society, but this method doesn’t allow your puborectalis muscle to fully relax, which can cause that muscle to create a kink in the inner passageways. This can cause a problematic disruption in the process, forcing you to strain during a bowel movement. Straining, whether you consciously do it or not, has been linked to causing or worsening constipation symptoms, triggering painful hemorrhoids and may be linked to colon dysfunction.

The only solution is to squat, not sit. read more