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Hips Don’t Lie: 4 Drills to Unlock Your Stiff Hips

The hip joint is one of the most mobile in the body, so you should move more. Most people I know waste their time with:

  • Foam rolling
  • Couch stretching, and
  • Lounging in pigeon pose

That can’t make much progress. And that’s a real shame.

The vast majority of your movements was driven by your hips, and it holds the key to everything from walking to squatting. If they lose range of motion, you’re bound to compensate somewhere else – cue low back and knee pain. In this article I’ll share some of the most effective tools for unlocking stiff hips and regaining your mobility. read more

Plant based protein is full of advantages.

Plant-Based Protein Versus Whey for Athletes

The protein wars seem to be in full swing. Whey protein supplements have had a stranglehold on the market for decades, but other sources are cropping up for a host of reasons. From beef, chicken, and fish to rice, hemp, and peas, protein manufacturers are now offering many types of protein supplements to choose from, and the public is starting to take notice. Whether you have food sensitivities, demand higher quality products, or make your choices based on taste, the field has grown and some new kids have moved in on the block. Plant-based protein is one source that has turned many heads.

Plant protein boasts several advantages over animal-based sources, and has many benefits not widely known by the muscle-building community. read more

kettlebells for grip strength

3 Kettlebell Exercises for an Iron Grip

Grip strength is a quick way to evaluate how much full body strength one possesses. If you have the hand strength of a 12-year-old, you aren’t picking up heavy things.

Most of the world’s knowledge of the kettlebell is limited to the swing and perhaps the Turkish get up. Both are fabulous exercises, but the kettlebell is not limited to those two movements. Many of the people I work with have tremendous grip strength, and much of that is due to how I program our kettlebell exercises. read more

fast food

How the Western Diet Triggers Weight Gain

“I’m always hungry.”  That is one of the most common refrains I hear from clients. We’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic, where caloric surplus is the norm, yet we’re still chronically hungry and looking for energy throughout the day. Experts trying to solve the crisis seem to have created a new battleground as “diet wars” now rage online and in academia over which diet and macronutrient ratio is best to combat weight gain. read more

Training Should Not Interfere With Your Health

Training Should Not Interfere With Your Health

It’s unavoidable that if you stay in the iron game for long, you’re eventually going to get hurt. Although you’ve stayed healthy for years, one bad rep or even a slip or fall outside the gym can leave you with a nagging injury. Every rep, every set, and every workout produces wear and tear on your body. If you’re a hard-training athlete, you’re past the point where you need to worry about exercising for health. You need to make sure your training doesn’t interfere with your health. read more

body builder

Less Brains, More Heart

As humans, we are terrible at reasoning. We feel first and rationalize later. We selectively pick the evidence we want to hear and stick to it protectively. We are excellent at thoroughly dissecting other people and systems of thought, but we often fail to see the rules which govern our own systems and behaviors. For these reasons and many others, we are also terrible at converting desire into action, but I’d like to focus on one of the biggest goal-killers facing trainees today: information overload. read more